tv antenna connectors


We use F type connectors which are more reliable than the older saddle and screw style. They are more secure and less prone to corrosion than other connectors.

All of our installations use water tight crimp connections and carefully installed cable runs that ensure you will no longer have to worry about waterlogged or brittle sun damaged cables.

tv antenna splitters

TV Signal Splitters

A TV Signal Splitter has one input where the signal enters the splitter and at least two outputs where the signal leaves the splitter to go to multiple devices. Because multiple devices are using the splitter, the signal for each device will be weaker than if the signal went straight to a single device without running through the splitter. The more times the signal is split, the weaker it will become. It is possible to increase a signal’s strength before splitting it, with the use of an Amplifier and in this case a power pass splitter is required.

The splitter strength that the signal will be when it leaves the outputs is important and Antenna Masters’ technicians will always use the required splitter for your TV Antenna System requirement and we only use quality products that suit to divide a high definition television signal for viewing on multiple screens.

tv wall outlets perth

TV Wall Outlets

Hardwearing wall outlets and patch panels, cables and connectors are the arteries of any installation and a reliable, robust cable infrastructure is essential to your systems performance.

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