New TV Antennas around Perth

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Are you lucky enough to be building your dream home?

As part of the joy, hard work and sometimes frustration of building your new home, it's important to consider where and how many TV antenna points you'll have around the house. The main living area goes without question but what about the study? Kid's room? Kitchen or Bedroom?

Outlet height should also be decided when considering wall mounting of TV’s and if you've bought a television in the last year from a big brand like LG, Panasonic, Samsung,Hisense or Sony, it's likely that it will be able to connect to the internet and access online services like IPTV, on-demand movies, weather information and news updates. So will you be wanting a data cable run from your intended Internet Router location to the TV outlet position?

In a 2 storey dwelling, outlets required in the middle of the house downstairs cannot be run after construction is complete, so your specific requirements need to be considered ahead of time. And although building plans may specify a Foxtel point, the Electrician may not be aware that two RG6 quad shield cables are required for each Foxtel IQ service.

There are many factors to consider and if your Builder has not discussed these options with you, then Antenna Masters can certainly help.

Using our expertise and knowledge, we can provide straight forward advice on what you need when it comes to getting a great picture, no matter what stage you are at during the building process.

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