Data Point Installation & Repair

Data Point Installation & Repair

We’re not only experts in installing televisions and antennas, we also provide data and phone point installation services as well.

The data installation industry is regulated and all technicians require an appropriate licence. Our technicians have undergone extensive theory as well as on the job training so you can be sure we meet the legislated standards for installation.


Our experienced and professional technicians are on hand to come to your home or office to make sure you have all the outlets installed expertly and exactly where you need them. Whether that’s by installing new data points or by moving existing outlets to another position in your home or office, we’ll get the job done right the first time.

Whether you need an ADSL service installed on the back of telephone cabling, a cable modem or fibre, we have the expertise and experience to meet all your data outlet installation needs. We can identify the optimum method of data delivery for your particular home or office and ensure that all measures are taken to give you the very best connection.

Other uses for data points

More often now there are other devices which require a data connection directly to a Modem, such as: SMART TVs, New Media Players such as Apple TV, Bluray players, and PVRs. Soon most visual devices will require internet connection. While this can be often done with a wireless connection, they work better, faster and more reliably with a hard wired data point.

Distribution devices

New technology is now available which enables AV devices (such as Bluray players and other devices) to be distributed to one or more rooms throughout the home via data lines. These very intelligent ‘Media Hub’ and ‘Matrix Switch’ devices convert HDMI signals into Cat6 cable which is run through the home. The benefit is this type of cable can also carry IR signals from remote controls back from other rooms to the device (eg: Bluray) being distributed.

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data point installation perth
data point installation perth

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