Phone and Data Point Installation

Antenna Masters have locally based technicians who specialise in the installation and repair of phone and data points.

The Internet is big business these days so we’ve seen a dramatic increase in households, schools and businesses installing phone and data outlets or adding to those that they already have. That’s why we’ve appropriately trained our technicians and ensure that they hold the required licenses to legally install and repair this type of equipment.

Most households still have a use for a home and office landline so our technicians can also repair existing phone lines as well as install new ones if required. Most Internet connections run off a phone outlet anyway so there will always be a place for the home phone.

phone point installation perth

As the kids get older you may want to install a data outlet in their bedroom so that they can access the Internet for study purposes.

Have you just purchased a Smart TV? Our Technicians can install additional data points.

Only high end quality materials are used on all phone point installations. This is done for the purpose of future proofing your building/home/office and ensuring long-term, long life performance. As of 2014, high quality cat 5, and even cat 6 cable is used for telephone points, this backs up and can be used as a data point, internet point or other down the track.

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