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Rg6 Quad Shield Cable is the minimum requirement under the latest Australian Standard for digital TV antenna cabling and for all TV antenna cabling for apartments/units (MATV). It is also used for the distribution of Cable TV (CATV) and Satellite TV (SATV) in residential or commercial premises. It features a copper-clad-steel inner conductor. Single-shield, dual-shield and tri-shield versions of RG6/U are available but do not provide adequate EMI shielding.

RG11/U Quad-shield is used for the same applications as RG6 for either backbone cabling or for long distribution runs especially in Multiple Dwelling Units, Hotels, Lifestyle Villages . It features a copper-clad-steel inner conductor.

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TV Leads Cable

An important part of the antenna system is the lead from the TV wall plate to your TV. An F type connector is ACMA required for digital TV. We provide this lead as part of a standard TV antenna installation if required. Our technicians will custom make required length to suit your specific situation. We also sell these leads separately so remember to ask our technician when they visit if you need extra leads for your other TVs.

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Various Leads

Our technicians carry with them a range of HDMI leads and TV fly leads for all for you Av needs. Antenna Masters only uses and supplies Digital quality cables, leads and other accessories to ensure you get the best signal reception on your TV.

The quality of your TV reception is determined not just by the quality of the TV antenna alone; but by all of the components of the Antenna System. Each component needs to be of the highest grade and quality to ensure you get the very best results. None is as important as the cable which carries the signal from the antenna to the TV.

That’s why Antenna Masters use only Premium Quality RG6 Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable in your TV Antenna System. This will ensure the maximum signal strength from your Digital Antenna flows through to your TV for your best viewing experience. Whilst there are also Dual & Tri-Shield versions of this cable available; we will never compromise your viewing experience (or our reputation) by using anything less than the very best.

Coaxial Cables for Digital TV Antenna Installations come in many different grades and quality. The better quality cables with a high level of Shielding properties will carry the signal more cleanly and efficiently with as little “signal loss” as possible. The most commonly used cable for Digital TV Antenna Installations is called RG6 Coaxial Cable. However; this cable is available in Dual, Tri, or Quad Shielded grades. As the names suggest; it is available with 2, 3, or 4 levels of shielding. The higher the “Shielding” properties of the cable; the less chance of the signal being corrupted or impacted on by external electrical or electronic interference. The problem for most people is that the physical appearance of the cable differs very little over these varying grades. It’s only when you strip back the outer insulation of the cable to reveal the inner levels of shielding that the extent of the shielding properties becomes apparent. If you don’t know what grade of cable your installer is providing; you may discover what you believe you are paying for is in fact something inferior. There are other reasons; but the use of inferior quality products is one of the primary reasons for the prices of some TV antenna installations appearing to be far less than what is generally being offered by reputable TV Antenna providers. As the old saying goes; ”if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is”.

Antenna Masters use only Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable to provide you with the best opportunity of protecting the signal as it’s distributed throughout your home or property.

This cable reduces the potential for interference to enter the system and disrupt the Digital signal.

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