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Your TV antenna is important for your household in providing crystal clear TV reception for everyone. With the many changes in television technology it is important that your antenna system is digitally compatible. Installing a digital aerial will also help you minimise or eliminate pixelated pictures that are common with older analogue antennas and unshielded cable and components. A designated Digital TV Antenna system professionally installed by one of Antenna Masters Technicians will eliminate most (if not all) of the problems associated with poor signal reception.

Some of the reasons for POOR DIGITAL TV RECEPTION;

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  • Existing TV antenna system is not digitally compatible; perhaps it’s still an Analogue antenna with unshielded cable and components.
  • Storms, wind/gales, hail, heavy rain buffeting the antenna possibly damaging it in the process
  • Large birds frequently landing on the antenna, sometimes many of them. Some species such as Parrots take great delight in pecking through the cable. Ask us how to prevent this in a way that is completely humane and harmless to the birds.
  • Rodents frequently chew through the cables within the roof and wall cavities
  • Trees; overhanging branches
  • New construction within the area with the new buildings deflecting the signal
  • Technical Interference; electrical/electronic
  • Other Tradesmen: We frequently receive calls from customers who have experienced TV reception difficulties following other tradesmen working in or on the property. This can be caused by the antenna being disturbed during the installation of air conditioning, solar panels, or roof maintenance. Cables and connections within the roof and wall cavities can also be disturbed by Electricians or Telephone Technicians when carrying out their work. Most of the time; the tradesmen aren’t aware they may have caused the problem but nonetheless it happens.
  • Age and condition of the antenna: When you consider your antenna sits on your roof for 365 days a year for up to 5, 10, 20 years; and exposed to everything Mother Nature can throw at it, it makes all the more sense to ensure your next antenna is a Premium Quality Digital TV Antenna from Antenna Masters.
  • Inferior Product: Poorly designed and constructed TV antennas produced for a mass market are arguably the biggest reason by far for antenna breakdowns and Digital TV reception problems. These cheap and substandard antennas are readily available in the Market Place and may be an attractive option for some people because they cost anything from $10.00-$100.00 less than a very good quality TV Antenna. Unfortunately; you won’t discover whether you have purchased one of these until its too late. So unless you know exactly what you are looking for when purchasing a new antenna; doesn’t it make sense to trust your new Digital TV Antenna installation to a reputable business like Antenna Masters who have been in this industry for longer than most?

Antenna Masters Technicians have the skills, expertise and equipment to provide the very best solution to your TV reception problem, and all at a Value for Money price. All of the TV Antennas and associated materials supplied by Antenna Masters meet the requirements and recommendations set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Here are a few highlights from their website article titled "A good TV antenna Installation.

Choosing the best TV Antenna installation system

This should be done with the assistance of an experienced local TV Antenna installer who will know the specific antenna requirements for your area. The installer will consider the following factors when selecting and installing the antenna:

  1. What signal strength is available?
  2. Will a masthead amplifier be necessary if the incoming signal is weak?
  3. What, if any known TV reception problems exist in the area?
  4. What options are available for positioning the antenna; taking into consideration the available signal strength & quality
  5. Where it will function in the most efficient way, the most secure and practical location, aesthetics; appearance

All of these considerations will be taken into account; however our main objective is to install the antenna where it will function the most efficiently.

All of the above points are checked by our technicians and signal strength to your antenna using their signal and diagnostic testing equipment so the best Antenna System installation solution is found for your situation.

Cabling, Connectors and Fly Lead

Quad-shield coaxial cable(type RG6) with “F” type connectors are recommended for good TV reception. Quad-shield cable provides superior shielding against noise and external interference than single or dual shield cables in the market.

Fly leads are generally used to connect wall outlet plates to either the set top box or TV. Fly leads are generally the weakest link in the antenna installation. Quad shield fly leads provide superior performance compared to other types. Care should also be taken to maintain adequate clearance (at least 50mm) from AC mains power cabling and leads to minimise induction of impulse noise. Excessive bending and long fly leads can cause problems for TV reception. It is recommended to use custom made fly leads rather than connecting two or more leads together.

All of Antenna Masters components meet the requirements as seen on our accessories pages.

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